About Us

We are a small group of like-minded people that love to travel, spend time with our kids, and above all love to find the latest trends! We are located in both the USA and the Philippines, we have warehouses in Asia and spend time sourcing the coolest and unique trending products online.

We were inspired to set upAlexaJheyd in order to cater to the needs of clients seeking quality customized shirts, accessories and unique products. We take pride in the provision of the finest quality products. Quality is among our core values here at AlexaJheyd and we are committed to ensuring that we provide our clients nothing short of the best quality merchandise. It is for this that we carefully look through our collection to see to it that the products are the best in the market.

Variety forms another basic principle of our operations at AlexaJheyd. We totally understand the fact that various customers have their own unique product needs. We have an unwavering commitment to satisfying each and every one of these needs.